Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two little birdies.....

McKenna and Jersi!!!!!

SO... these two are quite the pair~~~
They can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies...LOL sound familiar??

The other morning while i was in the shower....(of course they know when to cause trouble) haha. They went into my bedroom to my purse and took out the camera... happily they were shooting pictures of everything they could find. When i came out they both were sitting on the couch all happy eating the PEZ candy that I KNEW was in my purse.... McKenna looked at me and said "MOM...your purse dumped over so we ate the candy so you wouldn't have to pick it up!" I'm standing there trying my best not to laugh and said "Oh really?" and Jersi then pipes in and says..."mommy i weally had a bad tummy ache so i need candy to make it bettew" then i burst out laughing. I know i should have been giving time outs or something.... but some moments in life we have to just look to the humor and let the laughter happen. :)
But i'm still wondering why i'm the one that had to pick it up.... and that's when i found the camera... At least they got a picture of the candy BEFORE they ate it. LOL. * but note in the pictures my purse is not dumped over....which means they were diggin where they shouldn't have been....... :) :) :)

So keep this in mind as you go about you days...
"The key to happiness is to LAUGH and much as you breathe... and LOVE as long as you live."


Carol said...

It would be hard to not laugh at the antics of those two -- love 'em!!

Anonymous said...

too funny...this age is priceless!! I hardly check your blog anymore cause you never glad I checked!!