Friday, April 29, 2011


So i do realize it has been a very long time since i have posted....

so i will try to catch up and keep up

for those of you who are far away

but want to stay in touch with the lives

of my three little (crazy) BABIES!

Since my last post McKenna had her 4th birthday. She has been all kinds of attitude and i am thinking she has a lil to much mommy in her. LOL. She has got THE kindest heart though so that definetely out ways the moments when she puts her hand out in front of her like a stop sign and says "um...Talk to the hand mommy"! What will i do with her. She is still in preschool but is sooooo excited to begin kindergarten in the fall. What a milestone for us! I cannot believe i have a daughter that old already........

Miss Jersi turned 3 on Nov. 1st and is still the little stinker she has always been, with a grin on her face and puppy by her sise she can conquer anything..........except the potty. LOL. She is terrified to sit on the potty and has told me numerous times, " i will just stay wike a baby mommy and nevew get big" i have gotten her to the point that she will go on the potty as long as she can hang onto my legs for dear life! too funny........

Now this little man has grown what seems to be years in 6 months. He will be 2 in July and i am so amazed by him EVERY day. He is by far my earliest talker out of all three and there is nothing he can't say. (which sometimes is a little scary) He was sitting on the couch the other day and started to sing to me... this little guy can carry a tune better than me... he sang this "rain rain go away...easter bunny wants to play....rain rain go away"! I cannot believe that full sentences are coming out of that baby's mouth. He IS my baby. This little man is absolutely a joy to be around but is constantly buggin his sisters.

*A special thank you to Brita, she did such a wonderful job with the kids photos.... which by comparison of mine you can tell. LOL. We met her a McLaines and Jersi was in one of her moods that nobody was going to tell her where to sit or stand i mean come on there is an entire beach full of rocks that need to be that is what she did. But i am just so impressed with Brita's work because my kids DO NOT sit still unless they are asleep or sick. :) so thank you, and thank you to Yvonne... (It was our Christmas gift from them). I will say that is the greatest idea yet for a gift, to purchase a photo session for us. SO thank you both very much it was a lot of fun and great memories were captured!


Gram said...

Glad to have you back in the blogworld.

Brita said...

Thank you so much for the shout out, Leah. And I agree, what a great idea Yvonne had. It was such a fun evening.

Anonymous said...

Brita did such a great job...I miss your kids!!

Luv Ya