Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is our little man Jamison. He's 10 months already and quite the busy little boy. He's crawling and pulling himself up on furniture...or anything that he can get leverage on. Wow when everyone told me that boys are so different than girls i didn't believe it...but now i do!!! Don't mind the pink stroller...didn't feel like pulling out my huge double so he's gotta sit in that when mom's too tired!

How is it that they can get soooooo dirty in a matter of minutes?

This little tom-boy is by far my dirtiest but the eyes are ever enchanting even if the face is mucked up!
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Suz said...

no kidding. those eyes are breath taking! Boy do I miss ur kids. Jamison looks HUGE! Sad to think, the last time I saw him, was one week old. I don't even know him...:o( We'll have to make a trip there, when we get back.