Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MORE picnic pics...

Why is it that everywhere papa goes he finds a little friend...this is one of Jamison's favorite buddies at school, they are the same age, but this little boy is a little more advanced and i think J.J. is learning a thing or two from him.

He learned to patty-cake this weekend...thanks to grandma and IS HE PROUD!

Great Grams enjoying the action and my busy little boy behind her causin trouble.

With the dedicated teachers they have i think Jamison will be walking in no time.
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Anonymous said...

WOW...he learned "patty-cake" so quick...what a CUTEY!!


Anonymous said...

Cute pics Leah -- be sure to tell McKenna I'm sorry I wasn't able to come to her picnic!

Auntie Carol

Anonymous said...

Too cute ! Hi to Kenna from Mya too...kates