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I am not much into resolutions, because i have often fell through in the past. This year i am making a vow to change my mindset... Instead of continueing a sentence with but, i will replace it with AND. I will find the silver lining to what ever i must endure in this year to come, but first and formost i vow to NEVER put anything or anyone above my children.


Although this past year many of us have had to face many speed bumps of many sizes and depth, but looking back on my own i see what strength each bump has taught me. By the end of the year 2011 I was an enrolled student at Kaplan University, and ended my year with the end of my first term in college with a flying GPA of 3.25! So in the end I am proud to say I CAN DO IT! I also look back this year and see the milestones I have been able to capture in my kids lives because before i know it they will be grown.
*McKenna turned 5 this past fall and also started kindergarten! She is growing so fast and i am so proud of her, she is smart as a whip and with a ginormous heart she's got more love to give than most can handle (her sister and brother) :) McKenna often becomes overwhelmed with love and compassion and thinks the tighter the hug the more the love... we've avoided a few close calls. LOL not to mention the way she runs to hug me everyday after school and nearly plows me to the floor. WHAT A GIFT SHE IS!
*Jersi turned 4 in November and in the past year it seems i blinked my eyes and she wasn't baby Jerz anymore she became a BIG GIRL. We are trying and trying... and trying again with the potty trainging... but she's got to be one of the most independent minded girls i know, but her sense of humor makes it all so worth it that half the time when she says "nah mommy... i can just pee wite hewr on de fwoor and you could just put a towel on it" LOL i can't get mad. Often times she tells me that her puppy told her too, and it's amazing how many time out's that stuffed dog has sat through to take the fall for her this year. :) SHE IS MY JOYFUL ANGEL!
*Jamison has come into the terrrrrrible two's stage, which with boys, WOW it's different. LOL He's halarious, he's hyper, but halarious! His vocabulary has trippled in the past six months and sometimes i wonder if he's even mine because he's so smart. But like i say i must cherrish every moment because they grow up fast, he already thinks he's too big for mommy kisses because when i do sneak one in, he yells at the top of his lungs "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW!!! Mommy dats gwoss! BIG BOYS don't like kisses... Easton said so!" As much as this boy teases his sisters, dents my walls with hockey sticks, and jumps off my couch yelling 'Lightening McQueen!!!' I think he's the greatest boy i've ever known! HE'S MY LITTLE MAN!


The year to come is bound to carry burdens, but more so sure to bring joy and happiness. I do however ask for your prayers in my journey. We are all often weighed down with sorrow and stress, but let us not forget each other in prayers.

I start classes up again on Monday and it's back to the grindstone with my nose in a book. The girls will be starting gymnastics soon and Jamison and I will be the cheerleaders he proclaimed! :) I will be taking a trip soon to L****MI to see a surgeon. I have a chronically dislocating jaw which i was trying to correct in Physical Therapy, but recently found out that actually my jaw has a fracture and my only option is surgery. The Dr. hopes it will be performed within 2 months, to prevent the risks of permanent damage or further fracture. I will be seeing a specialist in A** A**** so maybe i will get the chance to see a few familiar faces while i am there.

Love and Care to ALL!
Leah Lynette
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Judy said...

I wish you well in your journey and your jaw problems...My prayers are with you Leah.

Carol said...

Those cuties are everything you said and more Leah -- bring 'em for a visit sometime!