Friday, October 21, 2011


In five years there are WAY too many memories to share so i have chosen a few of the favorites that i happened to capture. McKenna is now in kindergarten and growing up WAAAAAAY too fast. She has a sweet little heart and cares soooo deeply for everyone around her. We love her soooooo much and cannot wait till the big birthday bash tomarrow! We are having a party for both McKenna and Jersi tomarrow being Jersi will be four on November 1st!! Gonna be a crazy day at our house... Didn't know these girls had sooo many little friends they "needed" to invite. LOL.
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kenna!! Hope to have a second to stop by the big "BASH" today. :) Happy Party to Jersi, too!!

Love, Auntie Carla

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mckenna...we miss you & luv you!! Wish we could've came to the party for you & Jers!xoxo
Luv Auntie Moll!