Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat...

McKenna and Jersi were so excited about their princess getups, and Jamison was our little Tigger.
We only went to about 5 houses and called it a night.
Sugar buzz is lasting about twice as long as i thought it would. BLAH we won't do this again until they are in school.


Anonymous said...

OOHHH LEAH...how CUTE!! I MISS your kids so much! Hugs to Kenna, Jers, & "Jamious"!


Cami said...

They look so cute!

how's "jackson" doing? LOL!!! I seriously almost peed the other day thinking about that again!;)

Chelsey said...


Yvonne ~ A Fighting Optimist said...

love the shot with the kids on the steps with the fall leaves.
they'll treasure these pictures years from now.

Katie said...

Too fun! I Love how excited they get when they figure out they get candy just by knocking on someones door! LOL! My kids wanted to go the next day and the next when their candy stash ran out! Love ya!